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Morning routines, evening routines and why it doesn’t matter which ones you choose

by | Nov 16, 2017

Finding the right one for you, means looking at all the systems from a different point of view.

Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Waldorf, Buddhism, Judaism, Celticism. The list could go on. They are all systems, a way of life, offering learning, growth and connection to something bigger than yourself. But does it matter which one you choose for your morning and evening routines or food beliefs?

Similarities and differences

They are all systems, as I mentioned. Differences arise in the details, in the how. But if you look deeper, they all share the same basic qualities.



These systems and any other ancient Wisdom, religion, belief system have the same in common. They are all pointers. Just like your index finger. When you point with it, you don’t want people to look at your finger. You want them to look at what you’re pointing at.


The same with these systems. All the rules and rituals are pointing at something much deeper than just the routine and the action. Can you find the deeper aspect in them?


So which one to choose?

Does it matter which one you follow? Or if you mix and match between routines and rituals from different systems? Well, it does, but probably not for the reason you’d think. I’ll tell you why.


It matters, because you need to find which pointer works for YOU. If you deeply understand what a ritual or routine points to, when you ‘feel it in your bones’ that’s the right one for you. Choose that one and stick with it long enough to see if it moves you towards greater joy and satisfaction in your life.


Here are some questions to ask, when you try something new or start learning about a new system:

– Am I noticing the small things in every day activities?

– Can I make a conversation and really listen to the other? (even if it’s your child)

– Do I feel joyful and energetic at this moment?


When you feel you need to tweak your system or explore something totally different, that’s fine too. We change constantly and our needs and beliefs shift as well. Just don’t fall into the trap of chasing the next “magic bullet” all the time.


Take away thought

Don’t get lost, looking at the index finger.