How to discover true productivity, without hacks and tricks


In my first article about productivity, I was discussing how cutting out the unnecessary stuff with becoming aware of your situation, let’s you focus on the important things in your life.


In this article, we are looking at a way to free up more energy, so you can spend it on the things that matter. Another great productivity boost.

Well, the theory goes like this: when you quit using energy on¬†unnecessary¬†actions, you have more energy left to use for the activity you’re doing. It sounds logical, right? Let’s test it! Sit down, if you’re not already sitting, and take a pen and paper. Grab the pen and hold it as tight as you can. Like, white-knuckle tight. Now try to write….


Pretty difficult. On the other hand, if you consciously relax your hand and try to write, it flows effortlessly. This is the true strength of not using energy on keeping unnecessary tension.


Now how do you put this practice into real life action? (Because that’s what it’s really about.)


Even in simple things, like doing the dishes or folding clothes can be great practice opportunities. Start off by becoming aware of your body.


Which muscles do you actually need to do that activity? With folding clothes, it is usually your arms and hands. If you’re standing, than a little bit of your legs and core to keep balance.


Now let’s move further. Are you tensing other muscles while doing it? Most of the times, the answer is yes. We hold a lot of tension without even noticing it. It’s in our shoulders, hips, backs. Even in our jaws.


Start to pay attention to your body. Where do you feel tension, where are you flexing muscles that are not necessary to fold those clothes? Try to let them relax. Can you do it?


In the beginning, it’ll take some practice. But as with anything else, practice brings you further ahead. In this case, the more you practice, the more relaxed you get and the more energy you’ll have to do the things you love. That’s what matters at the end.