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– Are you tired of being tired?
– Of not finding the time and energy for the things you love?
– Of always being in survival mode and never seeming to catch a break?

I’ve felt like that for a long time. Especially after becoming a mother. It felt like I was drowning, never having enough energy to keep my head above the water.

At one point, I realized that it couldn’t go on like that. I was frustrated and had enough. This is when I started to search for solutions.

Slowly, step by step, I’ve found my way out of the frustration and into more peace.

I started to have more energy and time to spend on the things I loved. Here I write about my discoveries and experiences on the journey.

I’d love you to join me! See you on the inside.

I’m like your sherpa in the mountains. I’ll guide you through the passes, give you a hand and pull you up when you get stuck. But I can’t carry you to the top. You’ll need to put in the effort to get there with me. Do you want to join me?


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