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A different perspective on productivity

A different perspective on productivity

How being in the here and now, can boost your productivity big time

I’m not going to give you a quick productivity hack. Quick-fixes are likely to boost you for a couple of days, just to leave you with where you’ve started out, or worse. Totally exhausted. They often offer you a high-low cycle that keeps you searching for a better tip.

What I’m going to tell you, will take time and effort. But the benefits that come if you stick with it long enough, will be much more than worth it. (more…)



How assumptions rob you from new friendships and a deeper connection.

The catch of assuming

Some of our assumptions seem logical. “No one wants to be stuck with a needle”, except the millions of people who willingly get acupuncture treatments and benefit from it big time. “Jane doesn’t like olives, she would never eat your home-made pasta sauce”, except that the taste of the olives are just a shadow in it and who knows, she might love it if she tried. When we assume something, we lose the chance to communicate and we automatically shut down connection. We are left behind, in a way. Here’s an example: (more…)

Breathe – a poem

Breathe – a poem

When you get angry, breathe.
When your dinner seems ruined, breathe.
When you try, but fall off the wagon, breathe.
When it feels like you can’t possibly go on, breathe.
When life seems all around unbearable, when you lost all hope, breathe.
When you discover there is a light at the end of the tunnel, breathe.
When you feel you can be happy again, breathe.
When everything is good as it is, breathe.
When you feel full and alive, breathe.
When you are, you breathe.


This article was published on Thrive Global as well.


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How do you measure progress?

How do you measure progress?

Do you measure progress at all? Or does it just creep up on you without any notice? Is there only stagnation, no progress? If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the importance of continuous development in your life. Even though you and I know this, we are still vastly different when it comes to measuring progress. Some of us will track progress in apps with detailed analytics. Some of us will check in once a month, 6 months, a year. Some will journal regularly or irregularly. No matter which method you use, when you are becoming conscious about choices and start to make deliberate changes in your life, you will start tracking your progress. Even if it’s just in your head. (more…)