Feel supported, take action

There are times, when you know what your next step should be. You know and feel that it’s the right next step. But still, you can’t make yourself take that step. You’re procrastinating, feeling stuck and just plain unable to act.

In these situations, often what you need, is more support. Even when you have a great network of loving friends, family and colleagues, who are there for you, you might need to feel supported on a deeper level.

This is when zooming out and acknowledging the ways that you are already supported, can move mountains.

When you feel deeply supported, you can let go of the worries, anxieties, fears and tensions that paralyze you. Instead, you can feel open, energized and lean, so you can move ahead with that next step.

If you need that deeper sense of support, do this meditation with me.

Here’s to your conscious productivity!

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Get present in the busy-season

Get present in the busy-season

When the evenings become cooler and we take out our jackets, we know it’s the beginning of autumn. It also means back-to-school or work, schedules that fill up quickly and before we know it, we are knee-high in the holiday season.

The end of the year is also often a time where busyness creeps in. We try to get things done that still need to be done before the new year begins.

In these times, becoming more present and tuning into what is going on around us, is great to get out of the overwhelm that often accompanies this time of year. Try this meditation and feel refreshed and grounded.

A different perspective on productivity

A different perspective on productivity

How being in the here and now, can boost your productivity big time

I’m not going to give you a quick productivity hack. Quick-fixes are likely to boost you for a couple of days, just to leave you with where you’ve started out, or worse. Totally exhausted. They often offer you a high-low cycle that keeps you searching for a better tip.

What I’m going to tell you, will take time and effort. But the benefits that come if you stick with it long enough, will be much more than worth it. (more…)

The 5 minute creative practice that changed my life

The 5 minute creative practice that changed my life

A daily creative activity is not something that comes easily to a lot of us. Especially when we have so many obligations and care taking duties. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, or that it’s just for “those artist people”. Still it can be an amazingly satisfying activity to add to your life. To create a habit of creating, you sure need to be prepared to do some work and put in some effort. It can be hard in the beginning, but when you find your way to do it, it becomes effortless. (more…)