Feel supported, take action

There are times, when you know what your next step should be. You know and feel that it’s the right next step. But still, you can’t make yourself take that step. You’re procrastinating, feeling stuck and just plain unable to act.

In these situations, often what you need, is more support. Even when you have a great network of loving friends, family and colleagues, who are there for you, you might need to feel supported on a deeper level.

This is when zooming out and acknowledging the ways that you are already supported, can move mountains.

When you feel deeply supported, you can let go of the worries, anxieties, fears and tensions that paralyze you. Instead, you can feel open, energized and lean, so you can move ahead with that next step.

If you need that deeper sense of support, do this meditation with me.

Here’s to your conscious productivity!

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Short meditation to feel more grounded and connected

Short meditation to feel more grounded and connected

If you’re feeling distracted, overwhelmed or really up in your head, try this very short meditation.

It will help you to ground your attention and settle into the support of your seat.

Busting guilt and shame around not meditating

If you’ve been feeling guilty, ashamed or plain stupid (like I did) about not being able to meditate daily, this video is for you. I share my own story about how I started meditating and give some tips, so you can start too. I know that you can do it! I believe in you.

Meditation to prepare for pregnancy or assist healing

This short meditation helps you to tune into your body’s needs. When we take the time to pay attention to our body, it gets a chance to show us what it needs. Cultivating awareness in the lower belly is seen as essential in several ancient wisdom practices.

According to these practices, we achieve vitality, if we cultivate a hot lower belly, a neutral hart and a cool head. In our society today, we often have a cold and disconnected lower belly, an indifferent hart and a hot head. Practice tuning in and you’ll start to restore balance.

10 minute meditation to release worries

10 minute meditation to release worries

This is a short meditation that will help you to release worries and anxieties by bringing you into the present moment. It’s an easy, yet powerful meditation technique for when you feel overwhelmed. Give it a try and feel refreshed.

Lessons I’ve learned from accidentally starting a fire

Lessons I’ve learned from accidentally starting a fire

What an accident can teach you about connection, humour and gratitude

It was a Thursday afternoon
Just 4 month after we moved to our beautiful little village. I decided to boil some eggs already for dinner. I put them on the fire, turned the fire low, than got distracted by kids, the dog, the laundry and at the end my alarm that told me to pick up my oldest from school. I tied all loose ends – at least I thought I did – ¬†and left the house in a hurry. (more…)