Feel supported, take action

There are times, when you know what your next step should be. You know and feel that it’s the right next step. But still, you can’t make yourself take that step. You’re procrastinating, feeling stuck and just plain unable to act.

In these situations, often what you need, is more support. Even when you have a great network of loving friends, family and colleagues, who are there for you, you might need to feel supported on a deeper level.

This is when zooming out and acknowledging the ways that you are already supported, can move mountains.

When you feel deeply supported, you can let go of the worries, anxieties, fears and tensions that paralyze you. Instead, you can feel open, energized and lean, so you can move ahead with that next step.

If you need that deeper sense of support, do this meditation with me.

Here’s to your conscious productivity!

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Myth: Meditation is the goal

Myth: Meditation is the goal

What is meditation really? And why do we meditate?

Regularly spending time meditating is amazing. But meditation is not just about the time you spend on the cushion. Watch the video where I explain more about this common misconception.

Busting guilt and shame around not meditating

Busting guilt and shame around not meditating

If you’ve been feeling guilty, ashamed or plain stupid (like I did) about not being able to meditate daily, this video is for you. I share my own story about how I started meditating and give some tips, so you can start too. I know that you can do it! I believe in you.

Meditation to prepare for pregnancy or assist healing

Meditation to prepare for pregnancy or assist healing

This short meditation helps you to tune into your body’s needs. When we take the time to pay attention to our body, it gets a chance to show us what it needs. Cultivating awareness in the lower belly is seen as essential in several ancient wisdom practices.

According to these practices, we achieve vitality, if we cultivate a hot lower belly, a neutral hart and a cool head. In our society today, we often have a cold and disconnected lower belly, an indifferent hart and a hot head. Practice tuning in and you’ll start to restore balance.

Picking the green tomato

Picking the green tomato

It was the beginning of summer. Our little vegetable garden featured a few tomato plants in a row and my boys and I looked at them eagerly every day to see the tomatoes grow. My youngest was around 2,5 years-old and didn’t yet get the concept of picking only ripe tomatoes. I kept watching out and explaining in the simplest way possible that we don’t pick the green ones, they need to turn red.

But one day, when I was not on guard, suddenly my youngest popped up in front of me with a huge smile, his whole being glowing from pride and in his hands…. the biggest tomato of our garden. Still as green as it gets. It looked huge in his tiny hands. There was not much more to do any more than to observe it and hold it and pet it and talk about it not being good for our bellies like this.

Years later, this chilly summer day reminds me of a “green tomato” of my own.

When I started adventuring into the world of meditation, I was presented with a huge array of choices. There were visualisations, breath awareness practices, mindfulness meditations, mantras, the list went on and on. On my journey I also bumped into somatic meditations. They sounded interesting, so I joined a newsletter and got some for downloading. But I never actually tried doing them. I moved on to other kinds of meditation, trying a whole scala. The somatic meditations sat on my computer for years, unused, but I didn’t delete them.

Two years later, I was in a phase, where I realized, I can’t possibly be in my head any more. I was mentally exhausted and meditation felt like a strain. I knew something had to change.

I did a quick search and realized that there was a Qi gong class right in my village every week. I got curious and went for a class. It was meditation in motion and I had an amazing time. I finally understood: in order to get out of my head, I needed to get into my body.

The somatic meditations, that sat on my computer for two years, finally got to show me their power. I did one. Then I did another and another. It was like water in the middle of the desert, exactly what I needed at that moment and I submerged myself in the practices for months. These months of practice launched me into a whole new level of awareness in and about my body.

I learned to meet myself where I am at this moment. There’s no use in feeling sorry or stupid for not doing something earlier, even though when I did a somatic meditation for the first time, I wished I’ve done it years ago. Looking back at the years that I’ve been trying to figure out meditation on my own, I also wished I went to a teacher early on to get some guidance. It was a lonely journey in the dark for the most part.

When I read about the somatic meditations that first time, I was not ready and open to even glimpse the vast wisdom that they can offer. It was a green tomato to me. A good teacher could have seen this and would have guided me towards a path that would get me ready for the next step. I see it now, and I’m dedicated to be the one who guides others towards the path that suits them.

Are you interested in which path to take? Join me in the upcoming webinar.