Productivity hacks and systems are usually the go-to solutions when you’re feeling stuck and inactive. But without looking deeper into why you’re feeling stuck, chances are that those solutions won’t work for the long-term.

All of them have their time and place, but if you want to experience true productivity, here are the four soft skills you need to cultivate:

The four soft skills

Deep Listening

Slowing down enough, so you can start recognizing thought-patterns, emotions, underlying beliefs and postures that rise to the surface, especially in challenging situations.


Creating the space
-physically, emotionally and mentally-
to practice a way of being that you’re called to embody.

Conscious Efficiency

Learning to use only what you need and relaxing, letting go of the rest, so that you won’t waste effort and energy on the things that don’t serve you.

Right Motivation

Using compassion to fuel you forward and having enough trust to let go of fear, that can cause you to act out of alignment.

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