As a professional, do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

  • You sit down at your desk to work on that amazing project, but you have trouble focusing. You just can’t seem to make any progress, so you start reading articles about productivity hacks until it’s time to stop working. You tell yourself that you’ll get to it tomorrow.
  • You have some ideas about the next steps you need to take to make this a reality, but somehow you are not able to act on them.
  • You already feel overwhelmed and in the thick of it when your project starts to gain momentum. You are already having trouble keeping up with it, when suddenly a family emergency happens, and you feel like giving it all up.

If one or more of these scenarios resonated with you, then let me tell you which kind of people benefit best from my work.

My approach will work for you if you are:

  • An alternative therapist or healer
  • A creative entrepreneur or freelancer
  • A life or wellness coach

And if you have some of these values, you’ll enjoy working with my approach:

  • You are willing to be radically honest with yourself
  • Your intention behind your work is to improve people’s lives
  • You believe that living your values is not just a dream, but an attainable goal
  • You are willing to take consistent steps every day, regardless of how small or big they are
  • You value integrity

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