How long-known wisdom finally found it’s way into understanding


It was a very hectic time. The whole summer holiday, I was with the kids. All the time, 24/7. When school came around, there was no time to relax or take time off. My husband’s company needed a bigger place, so we moved the office. That didn’t only mean packing, moving and unpacking. It meant going through everything that had accumulated in the 12 years before, getting rid of things, organizing the rest.

As I mentioned, it was busy. I was also busy setting up new internet and phone providers. We decided to switch to another company on this new location, but keep our original phone number, as clients already knew this number well.


But something went really wrong with registering. For more than a month, I was trying to find out what it was. I called the old provider, than the new one, going back and forth. The transfer was refused again and again.


One day, after I got off the phone, I was just depleted and angry. “I’m going mad! They will loose our number. I’m trying my best, but it doesn’t seem to work!”


My husband looked at me and said: “Take it easy. It’s just a phone number.”


I knew it was just a phone number. But I thought it was extremely important that I arranged it well for the company. It was my personal mission to get it right. And usually, when my husband tells me to relax, I’d get angry with him. But this time when he said ‘take it easy’, I actually relaxed.


I’ve heard all the phrases. ‘Take it easy.’ ‘It’s not a big deal.’ ‘Use a child-like approach.’ ‘What’s the worse that can happen.’ ‘It’s not the end of the world.’


I’ve heard them and I knew them by hart. But I haven’t truly understood them, until this phone incident happened. At that moment, something clicked. All pieces that were floating around, just fell into place.


That was the moment, when I understood: Knowledge without experience is useless. It’s nothing new, I’ve heard and read about this several times in my life. But I didn’t actually understand it, until I gained enough experience to do so.


Experiencing the knowledge you’ve learned, will help you to make it your own. That is the way to truly understand the meaning of it. Most of the times, we have the knowledge of what to do or how to do it. But we lack the action part.


On the other hand, mindlessly running from one experience to the next, without ever learning from it, is just as useless. You won’t grow from any of it.


So my husband was right. (But don’t tell him, I said that…) I have a lot of knowledge, I’ve learned and observed the world all my life. I collected some experience, but it’s time to get some more. Let’s get hands-on.


And after posting this article, I’m sending it to my husband. Wish me luck!  😉