Is your week off to a great start? Or could you use some motivation to fuel you forward? It doesn’t matter if you feel stuck and unmotivated or if you feel great, you’ll probably like what I have for you today.

This week I don’t have an article for you, but an invitation to play. Hey! Play is always fun and it has a great energy to get you out of a rut, if you’re in one.

So I invite you to join me in a game of “what happens next”.

This week, pay attention to your ideas. Any kind of inspired idea, that is about you doing, learning or creating something. Something you feel excited about. Like:

“Hmmm… there are so many strawberries in my garden. I could make yam from them.” or
“I want to organize a workshop on healing psoriasis naturally.” or even
“Channeling is actually really cool, I want to learn to do it.”

When an idea enters your mind, pay attention. What comes next?

Is your mind running away in the future, seeing all the plans and possibilities?
Is your inner critic showing up with reasons why you couldn’t/shouldn’t?
Do you dream about it, than dismiss the idea?
Do you start to take action on making the idea a reality?

What comes next for you? If you feel like it, write your observation down in a journal, talk about it with a friend or you can also talk about it with me.

Whatever you find, it’s a treasure! So it’s worth a celebration! It’s the first step in deciphering where your own personal productivity cycle could be broken, so you can start mending it. And you know what happens when you start mending a broken cycle? It will start to move into flow, meaning you’ll be able to get the right things done, with less effort and more energy to spare.

Do you want to get clear on your situation? What keeps you stuck and where you could take steps to improve your productivity? If you answered “yes”, drop me an email.

I’m offering 5 spots for a free assessment to do just that: get clear on where you are. Because you can’t find the right direction, without knowing where you are right now.


Here’s to your conscious productivity!