Conscious Productivity:
building your foundations

When you started out, your practice meant the world to you. You knew it would change people’s lives for the better. But lately, you just can’t feel the enthusiasm. You lost momentum and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You might even avoid doing the work all together.

You tried to read about productivity hacks and implement new systems. Maybe reading inspirational quotes or saying affirmations in the morning. Or you might have tried to just ignore the problem, buckle down and power through.

Some of those tactics might have even worked for a while. But afterwards? You found yourself back where you started: feeling stuck.

What you really need to be truly productive on the long run, is a strong foundation of right practices, that go beyond mere hacks and systems.
Practices that honour where you are right now and help you to make progress towards where you want to be, while feeling fulfilled.

During the Conscious Productivity journey, you’ll uncover those right practices, so you can build a solid, strong foundation for long term productivity.

How does that look like for you?

  • It might be that you’re taking action every day, inspite of the fears and discomfort you’ve been feeling before.
  • It might be that you recognize how to work efficiently, not pushing yourself to the edge of exhaustion.
  • It might also be that you shift your identity from a messy, to an organized person.
  • Or a dance of all of the above.

However you see yourself when being productive, it is possible to achieve.

In these sessions, you’ll discover:

  • Which basic skills -that are necessary for true productivity- come naturally to you, so you can start using them to your benefit
  • Which basic skills are your growing edge right now, so you can learn when and how to cultivate them to feel more fulfilled in progressing with your work
  • The limiting beliefs that run on autopilot and keep you from making progress
  • The biggest myth of productivity and how to leave it behind
  • Key practices that will help you to create a stable and solid foundation, so you can reach the next level.

How it works

During this 1-on-1 journey, there’s plenty of space and time for personal discovery. We start by reviewing your current situation to see where you are right now and what practices would help you to make progress again.

The key here, is to build the foundation for sustainable, long-lasting productivity, where you can do your work, without overwhelm or being on the edge of burnout.


With every session, we will work on resolving blocks that keep you stuck and go deeper into cultivating those specific skills and practices that will help you to thrive while gaining momentum.

I ask an initial commitment of three months, because this kind of work can’t be done in just a few sessions. When we work together, I want to see you build a strong foundation, that will last a lifetime.

This offer includes:

  • 12 private video calls to develop and deepen the practices that are relevant for you
  • A questionnaire and in-depth assessment to determine your base meditation practice
  • Audio recording of the meditation to create a consistent practice and to practice the skills you need for lasting productivity
  • Assessments at the beginning, throughout and at the end to touch base with where you are and to follow your progress
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Workbook pdf’s with questions that will help you further deepen the practices you learn

The total cost of the three-month one-on-one journey is €960.-.
Payment plans are available on request.

If you’d love to work towards long-lasting and shame-free productivity with me, I invite you to fill out the application form.

Do you have some questions about working with me? I’m happy to answer them. You can reach out and ask away here.

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