Gain clarity around productivity

Helping people, creating change for the better, improving lives, standing up for our planet. These are just a handful of reasons, why people choose the work they do.

I bet you have a very similar reason for starting your business, your favourite projects or applying to this job you love. But what happens, when you hit a serious wall in terms of productivity? What happens, when working on those projects feel more like a burden, than a blessing?

I believe when people are able to make progress on work that really matters to them, they are not just happier, but also kinder to everyone around them. Which in terms, makes those people kinder as well and like that, it all spreads.

Being productive the right way, actually makes the world a better place! Add that to your initial inspiration and you’re creating something magical.

Okay, that’s all good, but where do you start?

Long-term productivity starts with becoming aware of where you are right now, what is blocking you and what needs your attention.

The Four Skills of Productivity workbook will help you exactly with that: to gain clarity.

In this workbook, you’ll be able to learn about the Four Skills and determine for yourself, which of these skills come naturally easy to you and which ones are your growing edge right now.