Getting a massage, having your hair done, buying a hand-crafted piece of chocolate. They are all considered to be examples of self-care. But what if I told you, that those are more of a reward, than actual self-care?

In my eyes self-care is knowing yourself. Knowing your limits, your capabilities and your desires. It comes from a place of caring enough to think about yourself and your own development. Then act accordingly.

An example from my life would be, that I like some forms of adrenaline-pumping, extreme sports. On the other hand, I get exhausted by too much impression, too many happenings. So when I went skydiving (and it wasn’t the last time) I made sure that I had plenty of time afterwards to recover. I didn’t plan any social things, no meetings or parties for some days afterwards. It worked and I didn’t get overwhelmed, I didn’t pay the price.

Facilitating a life that is in harmony with your needs is key in taking proper care of yourself. And being mindful about how you spend your time is key in preventing burn-out.




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