This is a story that spreads over years. It didn’t happen overnight. And it’s still going on.

There’s a moment when you decide to change. I’m not talking about the post-Christmas, full to bursting promise of “starting from tomorrow…”.  I’m talking about the stomach wrenching feeling of facing the fact that you just can’t go on doing what you do. There’s no tomorrow and there’s no way back. You have to make a change, NOW.

So you start, full of enthusiasm. Than you hit a wall. You become a little more cautious with your goals and planning. You do small things, day by day, every day. It becomes a habit.

The breakthrough point comes when your progress becomes obvious. When suddenly you can touch your toes, even thought you told yourself since you were a teenager that your hamstrings are just too tight. It comes when you suddenly realise that you’ve been waking up early for over 6 months, while you’ve always been telling yourself that you’re not a morning person. The changes are often subtle at first. They sneak up on you, when you keep going. But when you see them, it gives you energy to go on and aim for bigger things than you first intended to.

You start to believe that it is all possible. Maybe not tomorrow, like those overnight success stories made you believe, but if you keep going, than possibly next year. You become more comfortable with longer, more realistic timelines. And the constant rushing and chasing turns into deliberate, confident steps.




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