I had a great conversation with a pilates teacher, who’s teaching her classes from a deep intuitive perspective. Not what you usually expect from a pilates teacher, right?! (Great reminder to check assumptions ;)) During our conversation, she emphasized several times how important intuition is to her, both in her work and in her life. I couldn’t agree more.


Intuition is one of our greatest gifts. When you learn to discern it from your fears, limiting beliefs and inherited assumptions, and learn to listen to it fully, you’ve got a superpower!


But then, our conversation took a turn. She started to talk about how productivity systems wouldn’t work for her, because she’s working so intuitively. Are productivity systems and methods useless, when you are intuitive?


Let’s take a step back to observe what those systems and methods are. If productivity is like baking a cake – a healthy and nourishing one!- then those systems are the cake tin. Without them, the batter runs loose. But without the batter, the tin is useless. You can put it in the hot oven, but you’ve got no cake!


What’s the batter then? You can probably guess: it’s the deeper work. And there’s a unique recipe for each of us that will make a delicious and nourishing cake. Just like with cakes, there are some pointers about what needs to be included, but what will nourish you specifically, is probably different from what will nourish me. It’s an invitation to experiment and a great lesson in observation.


But… back to our original question. Systems and methods are useless, when you expect too much of them. When you’re lost about what to do, can’t seem to get things done even though you know you need to, when you’re always busy doing but still not getting ahead, it’s most of the times not because you haven’t found the right system yet. These are mostly signs you need some deeper work right now. We all need to deepen our work regularly.


The other side of the coin is, that when you’ve done some deeper work and you have a practice to go back to, experimenting with a great system will propel you forward. So do intuitive people need a system then? Yes. Big Fat YES. It’s great help to actually materialize your intuition into focused action. Remember the cake.


Do you need a more aligned system or deeper work right now? If you’re not sure where you stand at the moment, an overview of your current situation can help you move forward again. This is part of what I do with clients and people can get into going forward just from finally seeing their situation from a different perspective.


Right now, I’m giving away 5 free sessions. In these sessions, we will dive into your current situation and see where you get stuck and where your strengths are. If this sounds great, contact me and we can set up an appointment. These sessions are between 30-45 minutes, with a pre-assessment questionnaire that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. We will have a video or audio only call (your choice) on Zoom. If you’re not sure, I’m happy to answer any questions as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


Disclaimer: These sessions are on a ‘first come first served’ basis. They are also truly free, no selling at the end. If we both see that we are a match and we’d like to continue working together, that’s great, but please don’t feel like you have to work with me, if you book a free session. I just want to give the gift of clarity to anyone who needs it right now.


Here’s to your conscious productivity!