Sometimes you’re so lost in the every day stresses and to-do’s, that when someone asks: “And, what’s your vision? Do you have a goal?” you look at them like they are talking in klingon.


You know you want a bigger vision for yourself and your work. You know it’d be amazing to be able to see where you’re going and the steps to get there. But it still feels like you’re unable to do it. How could you even start, when all these daily chores pile up so high, they threaten to crush your soul?!


One baby step at a time. If you’re someone, who spends most of her time in her head or caught up in emotions, this is for you. If you feel like it’s easy for you to listen to your body, but you lost the connection for some reason, this is for you as well.


By tuning into the body, we can slowly become aware of the whole system we are part of. By zooming in, you can zoom out as well. You might have heard or even know very well, that the atoms that build us up, are just like solar systems. When you zoom in far enough, everything looks like space with the planets, stars and comets. It’s awe inspiring! But this is not exactly what I want to talk about.


I’m talking about tuning into your body, so that you can see how everything has a purpose. Every cell in your body has a purpose to thrive in it’s own way and by doing so, contributing to the wellbeing of the whole organism: your body. Think about it! When your lifestyle supports your body’s natural functions, the body has infinite wisdom to repair and thrive.


The same is true for you. You have a purpose. Your purpose is to thrive in your own unique way and by doing so, you contribute to the bigger purpose, the bigger good. When you thrive, you’re happy. When you’re happy, doing the hard work of helping others heal is filled with ease. And happy people do good things automatically.


So when you’re lost about your vision or purpose, take a break from your head and tune into the wisdom of your body. Look at it, feel it, observe it. Start to understand it’s wisdom. And if you’re inspired to do so, meditate with me, by tuning into the body, especially the powerhouse of your lower belly.




Would you rather listen to it on Insight Timer? I’ve got you covered here.